National: Mental Health Resources

Sexual Assault & Interpersonal Violence

RAINN RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. On the RAINN website (link above) you can find National Sexual Assault Hotline 800.656.HOPE 24/7, and other resources.

NSVRC At The National Sexual Violence Resources Center's (NSVRC) link above you can find resources for survivors, family & friends, advocates & educators, and more. There you can also find events to get involved or donate to their cause.

Joyful Heart Foundation At the Joyful Heart Foundation site link above you will find more 24/7 hotlines for assistance with rape, domestic violence, child abuse and more. Also find other information for events, programs, and keep up with their blog.


Suicide Prevention LifelineThe Lifeline site offers free and confidential support for people in distress, assist in prevention and resources for you and loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Addiction & Substance Abuse

CASA At The National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse (CASA) site find articles based in scientific research that help educate about addiction, treatment information, and prevention. Also find statistics and ways you can get involved, because together we can make a difference with addiction.

SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) features on their website resources for a variety of needs like assistance with opioid dependance or withdraws, pregnant women dealing with opioid addiction/withdraws, traumatic events and more.

NASADAD  The National Association of State Alcohol &Drug Abuse Directors is a site where information about drug policy, prevention, treatement and recovery sources can be found. Along with a list of names & websites for every State Agency for substance abuse.

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