Trusting someone with such personal matters can be scary and it matters who you choose to be vulnerable with, so growth and/or healing can take place. This is why I have asked a few of my clients to share their thoughts:

Jo Gerlick - Conifer, CO

You don't need a coach who has a bunch of theory. You need a guide who has been in the trenches and dealt with life head on. In my own life, I have experienced many styles of coaching. Shandearan provides a directness and a straightness that is refreshing. You get everything you ask for whether you like it or not. Growth hardly comes from a place of comfort. Shandearan will not only challenge you to stretch, she will be your cheerleader all the way. In my time being coached/guided by Shandearan, I have expanded my capacity to work with my students, expanded my job opportunities, and seen how self-care is not just indulgence but a necessary part of my success. My life is about other people, and Shandearan continues to help me on that path.

C - Denver, CO

Shandearan has been a reliable teammate as I deepen into the practice of polyamory. Her listening ear and life experience have been invaluable in navigating the ups and downs that come with opening up my mind and heart!

George L. - Las Vegas, NV

I have known Shandearan for almost ten years, in which time she has been a very inspirational and encouraging person in my life. She has an incredible way of calming the mind and help ease navigation of difficult life situations by implementing a vast knowledge base as well as a great deal of life experience. Her patience, courtesy, intelligence, and winning manner are only part of what makes Shandearan the sensitive, caring, and professional guide and mentor that she is. Shandearan is also, a good communicator, has a marvelous sense of humor and she feels empathy and compassion for her clients. When it comes to dealing with modern relationships, Shandearan is unparalleled in helping individuals and families. I feel privileged to know her and have her guiding help.